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※ Check In 14:00 / Check Out 11:00
(Check In and Check Out times are subject to change due to the circumstances of the hotel. Extra charge is required for late Check Out.)
※ Smoking and use of fire is strictly prohibited in all rooms.
※ Pets and animals, such as dogs, cats and birds (excluding guide dogs and hearing assistance dogs) are not allowed.
※ When breakfast option is selected, breakfast is served according to the nights of stay per person (Adult).
※ Breakfast charge per person: Adults (and children over 14): KRW 22,000 / Children (5~13 years): KRW 13,200 / Children under 4 years free of charge.
※ Breakfast for children (5~13 years) is not included in the total charge. Please request separately or fill out the further inquiries form.
※ Extra guest charge: 1 person (over 8 years): KRW 20,000 / Children under 8 years free of charge (Does not apply to standard twin rooms in which the maximum occupancy is 2 guests.)
※ Extra bed charge: KRW 40,000 (extra guest charge included)
※ The number of guests per room may not exceed the maximum occupancy.
※ Breakfast charge, extra guest charge, and extra bed charge are all VAT inclusive.
※ Rearrangement and breaking down of the furniture is not allowed. This is to minimize any unpleasant noise that may cause discomfort. Floor damage occurred due to the rearrangement of furniture will be claimed to the guest. Thank you for your understanding.
※ Please contact us for any further inquiries.

Special Requests

※Cancellation Policies
-There will be no penalties for cancellations and changes made 7 days before check in (before 18:00).
-There will be an 80% refund for cancellations and changes made 7 days before check in (after 18:00) ~ 4 days before check in (before 18:00)
-There will be a 50% refund for cancellations and changes made 4 days before check in (after 18:00) ~ 1 day before check in (before 18:00)
-There will be no refunds for cancellations and changes made 1 day before check in (after 18:00) or on the day of check in.

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※ Personal credit card information would be used for booking guarantee only. Payment will not be made during online booking process.

Agreement of collection and use of personal information

You agree that Hotel NANTA collects personal information and use to provide service.

1. Item of personal information collection
  - Name(English), Date of birth, Contact information(Cell phone/home/work), E-mail address, Credit card information.

2. The purpose of collection and use of personal information
  - Provide service for room reservation
  * We collect credit card information for gurantee. Payment won't be made by it.

3. Period of use of collected personal information
  - 5 years from the date of collection
  * If you cancel reservation, personal information will be kept 5days.

4. Refusal right and disadvantages of refusal
  - You may refuse to agree with our privacy policy, but you may be restricted from using our reservation service.